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Patient Reviews

“Dr Dean is a Godsend, he’s made my life a MUCH better place with his knowledge and care. His staff gets extra points as well for being kind, handling the insurance properly and caring for me during surgery! He’s helped some friends as well, with their sinus issues.”    –  Michelle G.


“Great doc. Made me very comfortable and explained everything in depth so that I wasn’t confused on anything. He kept my family very informed when I had my surgery to remove a nasal cyst. Left my whole family loving him b/c of his great bedside manor. Surgery went great with no lasting side effects or scarring. Office staff leaves something to be desired, but otherwise no complaints.”   –  Aubrey B.


“Dr. Rock Star! First impression – “Oh no, he’s young. He’s supposed to be a specialist. I want someone with experience.” Don’t judge a (young, attractive) book by it’s cover, people! Doctor D. was great; very knowledgeable. He treated my severe chronic sinusitis and answered all of my questions and concerns, no matter how trivial. I had a concurrent neurological issue that started with the sinusitis, and he was more helpful for that than my neurologist was! He was the first doctor who suggested what turned out to be the correct diagnosis. I can smell again! My facial pain is gone! Dr. D is the best.”   –  Amby D.


“Dr. Marc Dean is extremely professional, courteous, and talented. He’s performed two of my daughter’s surgeries and he did a fantastic job.”   –  Sara A.


“Very good doctor. Takes the time to really explain what’s going on. Office runs smooth. I visited with a couple of ENT doctors before finding Dr Dean. I would not go anywhere else.”   –  Morgan W.

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