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Skin Cancers

Skin cancer occurs when a tumor is found in the outer layer of your skin.There are three types of skin cancer.

  1. Basal Cell Carcinoma – THe most common form of skin cancer appears as a small bump with a pearl-like appearance.
  2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma – This cancer looks like a red bump or ulceration that does not heal with treatment.
  3. Melanoma Melanocytes, the cells that give pigment to skin, can become cancerous. Melanomas appear as multi-colored lesions with odd shapes and an irregular border

What are the Identifiable Signs of Skin Cancer?

  • Sores on the skin that do not heal after treatment
  • Nodules or bumps that are enlarged
  • Difference in size, texture, or color of existing moles

What are the Treatments?

  • Surgery – The most common form of treatment that removes the cancerous cells.
  • Mohs Surgery – This form of surgery removes layers of skin until only the non-affected skin remains.
  • Biopsy – This is used mainly for melanoma treatment. The lymph node will be biopsied to determine if there are cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy – This is used only in advanced melanoma cases to modulate the immune system.
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