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Skin Tumors:

Most of the skin tumors are benign.

What is a lipoma?

  1. Harmless deposit of fat under the skin(usually found around the neck and back)
  2. Feels soft and painless
  3. Rarely harmful, but can be removed upon request


  • Assess history of the tumor’s appearance and growth
  • Carefully examine the tumor
  • Be able to differentiate the tumors
  • Consider the amount of sun exposure the patient has
  • Refer to the biopsy


There are many types of skin tumors, but lipoma has distinct characteristics:

  • Soft
  • Easily movable by fingers
  • Pale and colorless
  • Slow growth


Doctors can diagnose a lipoma through a physical exam. Sometimes a biopsy can be conducted. Further testing includes MRI and CT scans only if the biopsy picks up something that seems suspect.

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